Relive the Past With A Keyboard That Looks and Feels Like an Old Typewriter

thinkgeek / thinkgeek
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We previously covered a line of pastel keyboards with the feel and sound of old typewriters. Now, German computer company Nanoxia is also getting into the game with their own version. The Ncore Retro Mechanical Keyboard features keys that resemble the ones you might find on an actual typewriter, but with function keys and the keypad of the 104-key U.S. layout.

The silver-enclosed, circular, detached keys are printed with old-timey lettering. Underneath, there are Kailh White Switches which were chosen specifically to give the keys a heavy feeling similar to a real typewriter. Along with its old-fashioned appearance, the Ncore Retro also boasts some modern features, like backlit keys and water resistance.

You can grab your own on ThinkGeek. And if the '90s are decidedly more your era, then you can also check out their SNES-inspired keyboard instead.