In honor of Sunshine Week, a celebration of government openness and public records, the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration is holding a marathon of document transcription to make more public records accessible to the public and search-friendly. The government institution is looking to transcribe as many as 1000 documents between March 12 and March 18—and the archivists want your help.

The Citizen Archivist Community is looking for volunteers to help turn scanned documents into text. The pages have been recently declassified or came from Freedom of Information Act requests. Archive experts are hoping to crowdsource transcriptions for historic material like World War II posters, the Department of Justice’s press release on its plans to deal with Y2K, the Republican Congressional Cookbook of 1962, and UFO sighting records.


Transcribing the records in the National Archives makes them easier to search for electronically, putting more information about UFO sightings at your (and all of our) fingertips. To learn how to get started, go to the National Archives website.