Levi's and Google Have Partnered to Create a Smart Jean Jacket

Jake Rossen
Levi's / Levi's

After teasing the concept in 2016, Levi’s and Google have announced that their concept of a smart jean jacket that responds to a wearer’s touch is finally a reality. Dubbed the Commuter Trucker Jacket and equipped with Jacquard technology, the coat appears to be just like any other on the street—until you notice a small tag on the sleeve that allows a Bluetooth connection to interact with what Levi’s describes as a “conductive yarn” innovation. Wipe your sleeve and you can bring up traffic information or text messages on your phone without distracting yourself from biking or walking.

The textile used combines thin metallic alloys with traditional fabrics, creating hot spots on clothing that are responsive to touch commands. One swipe might solicit nearby restaurants while biking; another will call up a music playlist. (You can customize gestures with an included app.)

Not a fan of jean jackets? The Jacquard tech is apparently functional in almost any kind of apparel, though the companies are sticking with the coat for now. The jacket is set to retail for $350 when it arrives this fall.

[h/t SlashGear]