Brilliant LEGO Tape Lets You Build on Any Surface

Michele Debczak
Mayka World
Mayka World / Mayka World

There are few limits to what you can build with LEGO blocks, but there's one product that broadens the possibilities even further. Mayka Toy Block Tape from Zuru Toys is a flexible adhesive strip that turns unexpected spaces into foundations for LEGO creations.

“We’re the original, cuttable, and flexible toy block tape,” the product's Facebook page reads. "Mayka Tape transforms virtually any surface into a base for toy building blocks, figures, and accessories. Build around corners, up walls, and on all your favorite objects."

Mayka Tape first appeared under the name Nimuno Loops on Indiegogo, where it raised nearly $1,650,000. The product has been rebranded since then, but the basic premise remains the same: Users can snip it into strips just as they would with a regular roll of tape. After sticking the adhesive side to the surface of their choice, they can get to erecting gravity-defying creations with their LEGO bricks.

The tape is available in multiples colors and comes in three sizes: A 1-meter roll of tape that's two studs across, a 2-meter roll two studs across, and a 2-meter roll four studs across. LEGO enthusiasts looking to expand their brick-building horizons can purchase Mayka Tape in stores or online through Amazon.