Unicorn Candle Holder Cries Waxy, Rainbow Tears

Firebox / Firebox
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In 2016, we featured a line of candle holders that cry wax tears as the candles melt. Now, you can now get a similar version in unicorn form.

This magically shaped holder features a place for a wax unicorn horn at the top, with two hollow eyes. As the rainbow candle begins to melt, the colorful liquid begins to pour out of the creature's eyes. Eventually, the white holder will become completely covered in rainbow wax. (You might want to put a plate under it.)

Each set comes with one ceramic holder and three horns, so you can watch your captured unicorn cry over and over. (And as all villains know, unicorn tears have a ton of wicked uses.) You can grab one on Firebox for $25 and for more unicorn items, check out our full gift guide.