The Town of Tiller, Oregon Is on the Market for $3.5 Million

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In the market for a new home, willing to spend around $4 million, and want some serious bang for your buck? The entire town of Tiller, Oregon, can be yours, Reuters reports.

Tiller is an unincorporated, 250-acre community in Douglas County, in western Oregon—about 225 miles south of Portland. It borders the banks of the South Umpqua River, in the Umpqua National Forest, and aside from the family selling Tiller, only two people—a teacher and a pastor—actually live there. Around 250 residents live in the surrounding region, and on Sundays, 50 or so people might show up for a service at Tiller’s community church.

Whoever buys Tiller will score industrial and commercial lots, a now-defunct gas station/general store with an apartment, and six houses (not including the homes of the pastor and teacher), all for $3.5 million. If the buyer wants to spend an extra $350,000, he or she will also get the town’s schoolhouse.

Tiller is a nature lover’s paradise—but sadly, it no longer attracts any industry. The town once had a mill, but it closed after the region’s timber harvesting declined. Families who relied on logging were forced to leave; the family that currently owns Tiller acquired it lot by lot, as their neighbors left.

Still, Tiller's future could be a bright one. "The most important thing is the arrangement of the properties as a whole, with 28 different tax lots, a school—it makes it very marketable," Garrett Zoller—who owns Land and Wildlife, the real estate firm selling Tiller—told the Associated Press. "It's an opportunity to do the development, and do it with a lot more elasticity and less bureaucracy." Zoller says that multiple potential buyers have contacted him: Chinese investors, hemp growers (hey, it is Oregon), and people wanting to open up a senior center, among others.

This isn’t the first time that Tiller has been on the market: Its owners first tried to sell the town back in 2015, but the deal didn't include the schoolhouse.

Check out some pictures of Tiller below:

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