Netflix is Testing a Button That Lets You Skip a Show's Opening Credits

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Netflix is looking to make binge-watching TV shows a lot less repetitive by introducing a new option that allows you to skip a show’s opening credit sequences. Right now, the feature is only available through Netflix on a web browser and is limited to certain shows. Netflix hasn't said much about the new feature, other than a spokeswoman telling The Verge that, “We perform hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better."

The process is simple: During a show’s opening credits, a button will appear that says “Skip Intro.” Click that button and voilà, you'll jump right back into the action. This makes it easier to binge a show without its opening theme driving you to the point of madness after a few hours.

Photo: Netflix

So far, a few quirks have been found. The button doesn’t appear on the first episode of any season of a show; it only pops up during the second episode onward, so you'll have to watch those credits at least once. Also, it seems that Netflix has prioritized its own shows as well as popular third-party series for right now. So if you’re looking to binge the new Iron Fist show this weekend, you’re in luck. Parks & Recreation, The Office, and Mad Men also made the cut. However, when it comes to series like Archer or American Dad, the feature hasn’t yet been enabled. Whether this test turns into a standard feature for the streaming service moving forward remains to be seen.

[h/t: The Verge]