The latest app to embrace the word game trend comes from America’s oldest dictionary. On Saturday, March 18, Merriam-Webster announced they’re breaking into the mobile gaming industry with a new game called TypeShift.

To start, players are presented with columns of randomly arranged letters. The columns can be shifted up or down one letter at a time. The goal is to use every letter at least once to spell out words in the highlighted row. When a letter is used in a word it turns from brown to blue, and when all the letters are blue, the player wins the game.

Zach Gage/Merriam-Webster

Typeshift is the creation of Zach Gage, the same designer behind the mind-bending word game Spell Tower. His latest game updates with a new puzzle every day, with each challenge getting increasingly difficult as the week progresses. You can download the app from iTunes or play web-exclusive themed puzzles at