Visitors to LEGOLAND Japan Can Eat LEGO-Shaped French Fries

Michele Debczak

Theme parks celebrating the wonderful world of LEGO can be found in five countries across three continents. The latest corner of the globe to welcome LEGOLAND is Japan, and their attraction fully embraces the source material. The interlocking brick motif even extends as far as the menu, according to RocketNews24.

Ahead of the grand opening in Nagoya on April 1, LEGOLAND Japan shared what guests can expect to find at their dining facilities. The five restaurants and eight food stalls on-site will serve standard theme park fare, like slushies and hot dogs, as well as some more unique items.

The most memorable of which are the French fries, which are shaped to resemble something you’d see in a toy store. Despite their appearance, the LEGO fries are meant for eating, not stacking into edible masterpieces.

Another treat looks like an over-sized plastic LEGO brick. Once you remove the top, it's revealed to be a playful candy box.

The LEGO fries look like the perfect companion to a burger served on a LEGO brick bun. It's too bad that dish is served exclusively at the Brick Burger restaurant in the Philippines.

[h/t RocketNews24]

All images courtesy of LEGOLAND Japan.