You Can Now Check the Weather in Virtual Reality

Shaunacy Ferro
AccuWeather / AccuWeather

The weather reports of the future will give you more than just “feels like” temperatures. AccuWeather’s recently announced "Weather for Life" app lets you experience weather in virtual reality, as Engadget reports.

The app, available for Samsung Gear VR, has all of AccuWeather’s regular features, like hourly forecasts and minute-by-minute rain forecast updates, but it also comes with exclusive 360° videos of severe weather events. You can stand inside a tornado in Colorado or get a close-up of the latest storm. The app will update with new videos each week.

The daily forecast feature also includes immersive weather animations, so you can put yourself inside clouds or experience thunderstorms in real time.

For now, strapping on a VR headset is probably not the most efficient way to figure out how many layers to put on before you go outside, but it sounds like a fun way to watch the latest viral weather video.

[h/t Engadget]