Grand Getaway: Vacation Like Belle and the Beast in a Castle

Rebecca OConnell
HomeAway / HomeAway
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Face it, your living situation is no magic kingdom. Treat yourself to a lavish stay somewhere with a few more turrets: an actual castle. In honor of the new Beauty and the Beast movie, vacation rental company HomeAway created the 2017 Castle Collection. The series includes luxurious lodgings from all over the world, including the United States.

Living like royalty normally comes with a hefty price tag, but if you travel with friends, booking a castle could be as low as $20 a night. Of course, filling a place like this one in Montespertoli, Italy might be hard unless you have 120 close friends all available at the same time. Just you and a loved one? You could book this modest (we use that term very subjectively) cultural monument in Germany for around $59 a night.

HomeAway is also holding a Beauty and the Beast-themed castle contest. You and 20 friends can win a free stay at the Duns Castle in Scotland, or if you're one of the five runners-up, a free HomeAway vacation.