Donut Shop Puts a Tasty Spin on Nostalgic Snacks

Michele Debczak

The creative geniuses at PVDonuts understand that sticky, sugary, neon-colored treats aren’t just for kids, and the customers at their Providence, Rhode Island store seem to agree. As Food & Wine reports, the shop's menu is packed with deep-fried and frosted versions of childhood treats.

PVDonuts takes inspiration from the entire junk food spectrum: They have snack donuts (Cosmic Brownie), candy donuts (Pop Rocks), and donuts dressed up like beloved breakfast treats (Fruity Pebbles; Wildberry Pop Tarts).

When constructing their Dunkaroo donuts, they build the sprinkle-frosting dip right in.

And for a limited time, they channeled Parent Trap nostalgia with their Peanut Butter Oreo donuts.

If you can’t make it out to Providence to sample their '90s-themed millennial throwback menu, it may be worth trying to recreate your childhood favorites at home.

[h/t Food & Wine]

All images courtesy of PVDonuts via Instagram.