Costco Launches New Home Delivery Service

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We love Costco—but we don't love its crowds. Few shopping situations are more stressful than navigating a congested Costco aisle while pushing a cart crammed with everything from 30-packs of jumbo toilet paper rolls to Super Size Tostitos bags. To save customers time and effort, USA Today reports that the warehouse giant has teamed up with Shipt, an online grocery delivery service, to pick up orders and deliver them directly to their front doors.

Initially, Shipt’s Costco delivery service will only be available to shoppers in the Tampa, Florida, metro area. No word yet as to whether more Costco locations will be added, but we hope Shipt grows the partnership when it expands to 50 markets by the end of the year.

Customers aren't required to be Costco members to make purchases through Shipt, The Tampa Bay Times reports. However, they do need to become Shipt members and download a companion mobile app. The app lets users browse products and list order preferences, before selecting a one-hour delivery window and paying. In turn, Shipt sends a designated shopper to the store to hand-select and deliver the goods.

Shipt memberships cost $99 per year, and members receive unlimited free deliveries. (To celebrate the Tampa launch, the company is also offering locals a free two-week trial membership, along with a $15 discount off their first order.) However, a word to the wise: Shipt’s Costco service only covers groceries, so customers can’t use it to buy clothing, furniture, or electronics. For those items, they'll need to brave the crowds and visit a store in person.

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