15 Smart Gifts for Administrative Professionals’ Day

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Without the tireless work of administrative professionals, offices would surely fall apart. This holiday, formerly known as Secretaries' Day, is all about showing thanks for their great contributions. It falls on Wednesday of the last full week of April—April 21 this year—so there's still time to pick out a thoughtful gift for the people in your office who make life easier for everyone.


Steeping loose tea is a lot more fun when you can create a cryptid sighting right in your mug. This dishwasher-safe, silicone tea infuser looks just like a baby Loch Ness monster that stores tea leaves in its belly.

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With this regal display, a good pen will always be close at hand. The resin knight statuette comes with its own refillable black ink pen and works as a nice reminder that the pen is mightier than the sword.

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Give the gift of hydration: These 17-ounce bottles are perfect for carrying water, coffee, or tea. The insulation will keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, and its leak-proof top makes it a mess-free travel companion.

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4. CAFFEINE SOAP (Set of Three); $20


Morning showers can be a lot more energized with bars of soap charged with caffeine. The peppermint-scented soap is infused with caffeine, which can be absorbed through the skin (at roughly 200 milligrams per washing) to give a little pre-latte jolt before work.

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Downtime at the office can now mean a visit from a friendly pug. The five-piece set comes with four paw feet and a pug head that fit neatly over most fingers.

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6. Pac-man card Game; $9


Bring Pac-Man to your everyday life without having to go to the arcade. This game features 108 cards to play with up to eight people at three different difficulty levels. Get as many fruit and PAC-DOT cards as you can while avoiding those pesky ghosts.

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Note-taking is about to go old school with these cute, retro-styled pens. The set of five click-top pens come in satisfying muted colors that would dazzle any '60s corporate employee.

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8. Aluratek 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame; $33


This digital picture frame allows the user to upload photo files from a memory card or flash drive and turn them into an automated slideshow, allowing them to fit more pictures of their loved ones and pets on their desk at work without actually impeding their, you know, space for work.

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At first glance, this is just a sheep with a lovely wool coat. In reality, this sheep is covered in white push pins that can be easily removed and replaced. The clever pin holder is great for any animal lover with a constant need for thumbtacks.

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Here's another helpful animal office product: A cat that dispenses sticky notes. The whiskered feline comes with one pack of Post-Its and can be refilled with any 3-by-3-inch notepads.

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11. 30 DAY CHALLENGE; $10

This charming little note dispenser spits out encouraging words and advice. Geared toward self-care, each note suggests one thing the reader can do to slow down and enjoy each day.

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12. Celestial NOTEBOOK; $14

Cavallini & Co./Urban Outfitters

Jot down notes that are out of this world! This astrological notebook has a nice matte cover and an elastic band to keep it shut. The notebook comes with 144 lined pages for plenty of thoughts on the cosmos, extraterrestrials, or conference call numbers.

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For the coworker who just can't seem to keep a desktop plant alive, these cactus-shaped candles are almost too cute to light. Each box comes with six candles in three different styles.

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14. Mister Rogers HEAt-changing mug; $16

Unemployed Philosophers Guild/Amazon

When you pour hot liquid into this mug, you'll transform Mister Rogers's outfit from a stuffy suit into one of his trademark sweaters.

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15. 100 Books SCRATCH OFF POSTER; $20

Gift Republic LTD/Amazon

This chart showcases 100 classic books that everyone should have on their reading bucket list. From Macbeth to Freakonomics, there are plenty of titles to get you scratching away to reveal the unique illustration for each.

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A version of this article first ran in 2017. It has been updated to reflect current availability.

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