The First Digital Typeface to Include Welsh Letters

Shaunacy Ferro
Smörgåsbord / Smörgåsbord

Wales is getting a new typeface. As part of a rebranding project for government agencies, a design agency has come up with the first digital typeface that includes Welsh letters, as Co.Design reports.

Smörgåsbord, a design agency based in the UK and the Netherlands, custom-created the typeface called Cymru Wales (Cymru is the Welsh word for Wales) for the government to use in its external communications.

The Welsh language uses a variant of the Latin alphabet, but it features a few letters that English doesn’t, like “dd” “ff” and “ph.” These characters, which combine two letters for a single sound, are called digraphs. For instance, while you might use two Ls in a word in English, in Welsh, “ll” is a single letter.

The designers wanted to create a branding look that did justice to Welsh heritage but still remained readable to tourists and other people visiting government sites who might not be familiar with digraphs. The resulting typeface is simple, but with a little flourish on letters like “dd” and “ll.”

Right now, only the Welsh government is using Cymru Wales. Hopefully, the rest of Wales will get a Welsh-friendly typeface someday as well.

[h/t Co.Design]

All images courtesy Smörgåsbord.