Legend of Zelda-Themed Chess Is the Classiest Game in Hyrule

Rebecca OConnell
ThinkGeek / Nintendo
ThinkGeek / Nintendo / ThinkGeek / Nintendo
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Fans of The Legend of Zelda series adore the games for their vibrant landscapes, puzzles, and of course, quirky cast of characters. Now you can find some of those iconic personalities in another game of strategy: chess.

This collector's chess set comes with 32 custom sculpted game pieces that look like characters from the series. On one side, you have the gold pieces, which are shaped like our heroes. There's Link as the king, Zelda as the queen, Impa as bishops, Epona as knights, Darunia as rooks, and Navi as pawns. On the black side, you can play as the villains: Ganon as the king, Twinrova as the queen, Iron Knuckles as bishops, Phantoms as knights, Armos as rooks, and Dekunuts as pawns.

Now you can defeat the evil lurking in Hyrule with a good strategy—no Master Sword needed.