Live Out Your Dreams and Cuddle With a Giant, Plush Bag of Cheese Puffs

ThinkGeek / iStock
ThinkGeek / iStock / ThinkGeek / iStock
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Looking for the best way to express your love of cheese puffs? Aside from having a romantic beach photoshoot, you can now cuddle up with them on the couch. This soft zippered bag is filled with nine smiling cheese balls, all waiting for their individual hug. There's even a plastic window on the bag so you can see their adorable faces before you dive in.

Unlike real cheese balls, you can't actually eat these little guys, but with such happy mugs, would you even want to? You can keep the puffs all together in the 24-inch-long bag, or give them out to friends. Just don't let their cute smiles make you feel guilty for downing a whole barrel of cheese balls later.

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