So Long, Dandelion! Crayola Is Killing Off One of Its Colors

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The world’s most famous crayon-maker is making this year’s National Crayon Day (today!) one for the record books by announcing the retirement of a classic color from its 24-pack crayon box for the first time in a century. When we reported on the story earlier this week, we asked: "Is dandelion facing certain death? Could blue violet be waving bye-bye? Is scarlet saying see you later?" Well, we were right the first time: Dandelion is bidding its place in the crayon box adieu.

Though the announcement wasn't set to be made until this morning, the crayon giant wasn't able to keep the news under wraps.

So there you have it: red, yellow, blue, brown, orange, green, violet, black, white, and even cerulean can all rest comfortably in their essentiality ... for now.