Remembering Gmail Motion, the Best April 1 'Feature' Yet

Chris Higgins
Google / Google

Google celebrated April 1, 2011 by introducing Gmail Motion, a gestural interface to Gmail. In this intro video, Gmail Product Manager Paul McDonald introduces a radical advance in Gmail technology:

Of course, Google trolled the internet by releasing the video on March 30. (Gmail itself had been introduced, not as a joke, on April 1, 2004.)

Not content to live with just an intro video and a beta site, Google posted these hilarious "interviews" with "experts." First, a "paralanguage expert":

And now an "environmental movement specialist" who suggests humans are "graspers, killers":

A few days later, the University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies actually implemented a few parts of Gmail Motion using a Microsoft Kinect and custom software. Behold:

In addition to all the motion-control jokes that year, Google also released this video profile of a Google Autocompleter. (Best job ever?)