Don't Worry, Whopper Toothpaste Probably Isn't Real

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Not everyone wants minty fresh breath. Search the web, and you’ll find toothpastes that taste—and smell—like pickles, curry, bacon, and other food items. But as Adweek reports, Burger King has taken the gimmick to new (and slightly nauseating) heights, releasing an online commercial for a new "Whopper Toothpaste."

Burger King is known for releasing over-the-top products like Whopper-scented air fresheners and the infamous "Flame-Grilled Fragrance." But a quick glimpse at the calendar—tomorrow is April 1st—tells us that the fast food chain is probably messing with customers, and doesn’t actually plan to manufacture and sell a meat-flavored paste. If it seems a tad early for April Fools’ pranks, keep in mind that the unofficial holiday falls on a Saturday this year, so corporate brands may feel compelled to spring pranks on the public during the work week.

You can watch the 60-second commercial below, and learn all about how BK’s Whopper Toothpaste gives customers long-lasting burger breath. (Its formula contains “flame-grilled microgranules, enriched with sesame seeds” and “total whitening onion,” “daily fresh tomato,” and “anti-cavity steak.”)

[h/t Adweek]