The fact that The Beatles stopped recording new music nearly 50 years ago hasn’t appeared to dampen enthusiasm for licensing opportunities. Apple Corps, the company owned by surviving band members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison, takes in millions from licensing deals every year.

Watchmaker Raymond Weil is hoping that perpetual demand will prompt fans to flock to their new offering: a timepiece that commemorates the group's last album, Abbey Road.

The Abbey Road Maestro takes its design cues from a vinyl record, with grooves etched into the face and the band members appearing in silhouette, making the same walk across the famous road that appeared on the album’s cover. The band’s logo on both the front and back appears to throb with each self-winding tick of the watch.

Raymond Weil

If fans need a tangential reason to pair the musicians with watches, consider that Paul McCartney used to wear two during the group's U.S. tour in 1964: One was set to London time. Raymond Weil is now taking pre-orders for the watch, which is limited to 3000 pieces. No price point has been set, but their previous Beatles watch, released in 2016, retailed for $1395.