The X-Files Is Getting Turned Into a Children’s Book

Shaunacy Ferro
Fox / Fox

The original The X-Files series is eerie enough to give kids nightmares (trust me), but young readers will soon have another way to appreciate the extraterrestrial exploits of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Entertainment Weekly reports (via Syfy Wire) that, in August, Pop Classic Picture Books is releasing a children's book based on The X-Files.

The X Files: Earth Children Are Weird, meant for readers ages 4 through 8, follows the curious best buds Mulder and Scully during a backyard sleepover. The pint-sized kiddos get spooked by the strange noises and shadows the night brings. Is it aliens? Are there totally rational scientific explanations? We’ll find out!

According to the publisher’s blurb, the picture book, which is illustrated by Kim Smith, is a sweet, silly, sci-fi bedtime story that’s “humorous and not-scary-at-all.”

When this new generation of Mulder and Scully obsessives get older, they can move on to the recently published young adult novels, which follow the alien-hunting duo's teenaged adventures.

You can pre-order Earth Children Are Weird for $13 on Amazon. As a primer, check out some teaser images from the book on Entertainment Weekly's website.

[h/t Syfy Wire]