Are the Girl Scout Cookies on Amazon Legit?

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Can it be? Can official Girl Scout Cookies be purchased on Amazon? It appears so. Although the window closed on the annual fundraising cookie bonanza back in March, several Amazon third-party sellers are offering boxes of Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs for between $8 and $10, a considerable markup from the $4 collected by Scouts selling directly to consumers.

While these enterprising suppliers may be satisfying cookie enthusiasts who missed their chance to buy directly from their local troop, they’re not doing much to underscore the whole point of selling boxes of sugar and lard in the first place. According to a Girl Scout spokesperson who spoke with New York Magazine, no legitimate Girl Scouts are selling the cookies on Amazon, meaning that the “financial literacy” component of the program—collecting money, interacting with customers, and making change—is lost. Worse, the markup that sellers are attributing to shipping and handling may not technically even be legal, with the spokesperson making allusions to getting lawyers involved to issue cease-and-desist letters.

If you’re still after the cookies, you can try finding a lingering booth sale near you at If not, buyer beware. “We caution against sales of cookies bought online because you don’t really know,” the spokesperson said. “They can be expired. They can be from three or four years ago. We can’t guarantee they haven’t been opened or tampered with.”

[h/t New York]