Artist Redesigns a Different Movie Poster Every Day for a Year

Michele Debczak
Pete Majarich
Pete Majarich / Pete Majarich

At the beginning of 2016, graphic designer Pete Majarich set an ambitious goal for himself: create one minimalist movie poster redesign each day of the year, according to Creators. He’s since produced 365 striking pieces of art, reimagining everything from The Godfather (1972) to Bee Movie (2007).

For some posters, like his take on 1958 film Vertigo (shown below), he omits images from the film in favor of clever font usage. In others, like his interpretation of Frankenstein (1931), he doesn’t feature text at all.

When the year came to a close, Majarich edited the entire project into a two-and-a-half-minute video. To take a closer look at any details you might miss in the round-up below, you can appreciate each poster individually at the A Movie Poster a Day Tumblr page.

[h/t Creators]

All images courtesy of Pete Majarich