You Can Now Rent a Texas Home That Looks Like a Cowboy Boot

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Meet Dan Phillips, the real-life Western version of the old woman who lived in a shoe. Inspired by storybook architecture, Phillips, an architect who resides in Huntsville, Texas, constructed a 35-foot-tall house shaped like a cowboy boot. Phillips's boot-shaped abode is equal parts roadside attraction and functional residence—and Lonely Planet reports that it’s now available for rent.

Phillips runs his own construction business, Phoenix Commotion, and builds affordable homes in the Houston, Texas area using recycled and salvaged materials. The architect stuck to the same approach while building his cowboy boot house. From the corrugated tin roof to the walls made from gymnasium floorboards, more than half of the structure is made from recycled materials.

Phillips’s sustainably built, boot-shaped home comes complete with two bedrooms, one bathroom, and a rooftop deck. It took the architect around a year and a half to finish; now, he plans to build a new themed home, this one shaped like (surprise) a cowboy hat.

Check out some pictures of the boot home below, or view the full listing online.

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