Wake Up to the Taste of Cap’n Crunch-Infused Beer

Michele Debczak
Somerville Brewing Company // Facebook
Somerville Brewing Company // Facebook / Somerville Brewing Company // Facebook

Whether it’s enjoyed in the shower or at the breakfast table, beer is no longer reserved for happy hour. We’ve seen breakfast-themed brews flavored with scrapple and toaster pastries, and now Massachusetts's Somerville Brewing Company has released a Saturday Morning Ale infused with Cap’n Crunch's Crunch Berries.

As Tasting Table reports, the beverage packs the nostalgic taste of the colorful kid’s cereal into a Belgian-style ale. The recipe was inspired by a Crunch Berries beer crafted by local hobby brewer Mike Johnson. Somerville Brewing Company released the product at a launch party on March 24.

The beer, which reportedly contains light, fruity notes from the cereal, can be purchased on site at the brewery or at select retailers around Somerville. Brewery co-owner Caitlin Jewell told Tasting Table, "We always have Cartoon Network playing in the tasting room," so you may want to turn on some Saturday morning cartoons for an authentic drinking experience.

[h/t Tasting Table]