You Could Own North America’s Tallest Single-Family House

Shaunacy Ferro

If you’ve ever wanted to sequester yourself and your family in a villain’s lair perched high above the desert, now is your chance. The unique Falcon Nest, the tallest single-family residence in North America, is up for sale.

Designed by architect Sukumar Pal for his own family, the 10-story house in Prescott, Arizona is actually pretty small for its surroundings. It stands next to the Thumb Butte, a natural landmark that stands 6514 feet.

The house looks more like a fire lookout tower than a typical three-bedroom home, in part because the chimney-shaped design works to passively keep the house at a comfortable temperature in both winter and summer. The living area juts out like a cross on top of a tall inner atrium, with glass ceilings in several of the rooms.

Sure, the interiors are unconventionally shaped, but really, you’re buying it for the view, not the kitchen.

While it may be the tallest house in America, it’s far from the tallest in the world: It pales in comparison to Mumbai’s 568-foot-tall single-family skyscraper.

But you can still lord over all of Arizona—views stretch for more than 120 miles—for a cool $1.5 million, which is a huge bargain compared to the $2.8 million Pal was asking for in 2015.

All images via Estately