Explore London's Historic Streets Through Old Photos and Google Maps

Shaunacy Ferro
Expedia / Expedia

You can take a virtual walk through turn-of-the-century London with a new interactive web app from Expedia. Historic London superimposes archival images of London’s cityscape from the late 1800s and early 1900s onto photos of the city as it looks today.

The historic images are shown in the context of modern Google Maps photos so that you can see beyond the boundaries of the turn-of-the-century pictures. When you scroll over the black-and-white images with your mouse, the archival photos disappear to reveal what the modern location looks like. In some, the streetscapes look largely the same; in other cases, the streets have gotten drastic redesigns to accommodate such modern traffic needs as bus stops and bike lanes. Some show structures that no longer exist, like the temporary Westminster Abbey annex built for King George V’s coronation in 1911 (above).

Check out more London landmarks below:

Historic London by Expedia.co.uk