Navigating the waters around Norway could soon become a lot easier for large vessels. As CNN reports, the Norwegian Coastal Administration wants to build a tunnel that offers ships safe passage through the Stad Peninsula. The mile-long, 118-foot-wide structure would be the first of its kind designed for full-sized ships.

By using the new route, captains would be able to avoid the perilous coastline of the Stad Peninsula. The area’s stormy weather and varied underwater topography create harsh conditions that can lead shipwrecks. Ships currently have to wait for storms to pass to travel along the coast, but the new tunnel would allow as many as five boats to bypass the region in an hour.

If the project moves past the proposal stage, engineers will be tasked with clearing nearly 8 million tons of rock to make it a reality. About $315 million must be invested in the tunnel before it’s ready to open in 2023. And for those of you imagining the wrecks bound to occur when two 17,000-ton cruise ships meet in the middle, the Norwegian Coastal Administration has that covered: Traffic lights at both entrances will be installed to prevent any naval traffic accidents.

[h/t CNN]