Which Are the Least Stressed-Out States in America? Check This Map


Source: WalletHub

Stress levels are rising across the nation. But if you live in Minnesota, North Dakota, or Iowa, you may be spared some of the nastiest stressors wearing on your neighbors in other parts of the U.S. Those are the states ranked the least stressful in the country, according to data compiled by WalletHub.

For its study, the personal finance website pulled statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other sources. It looked at 33 metrics across four stress-related dimensions—work, money, family, and health and safety—and weighed the 50 states and Washington D.C. in each category on a 100-point scale.

Coming in as the least-stressful location, Minnesota receives an overall score of 31.07; it ranks 34th in work stress (with No. 1 being the most stressed and No. 51 being the least), 50th in money, 48th in family, and 51st in health-related stress. Alabama is the most stressed state, ranking in fifth place for both work and family stress levels. It comes in sixth for health and safety and earns second place on the list for stress related to money. Behind Alabama, the most stressful states are Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Kentucky.

Not only is Minnesota the least stressful place to live in America, it’s also one of the happiest, according to a 2016 map from WalletHub. In that category, it’s bested only by Utah.

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