Transport Your iPhone to the 1980s With This Retro Mac Case

Michele Debczak
Slickwraps / Slickwraps

Apple has come a long way since debuting the Macintosh in 1984. If you’re nostalgic for that classic Apple design but don’t have room on your desk for a bulky computer, this case brings the old-school look to your iPhone.

According to WIRED, Slickwraps's new retro phone skins are inspired by the original Mac. The ultra-thin case sports the early rainbow-striped Apple logo against a beige background with gold fan-cutout markings wrapped around the sides. You can purchase a skin for iPhone devices 5s through 7 for $19.84. After attaching the case, we suggest updating your lock screen with some flying toasters to give your phone a full 20th-century makeover.

[h/t WIRED]

All images courtesy of Slickwraps