Amsterdam-Based Designers Create Lamps That Barely Look Like Lights at All

Shaunacy Ferro
Officine Mimesi
Officine Mimesi / Officine Mimesi

Power cords have never been so appealing. WireRing, a special lamp created by the Amsterdam-based design duo Formafantasma, is designed so that its power cable looks just as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the lamp, as Dezeen spotted. In fact, the power cord makes up the majority of the lamp.

Made for the lighting company Flos and shown at the recent international lighting exhibition Euroluce, the WireRing lamp looks more like it belongs in a contemporary art gallery than in your living room. The wall-mounted light is a ring inlaid with lights and attached to a long, belt-like cable. You hook the ring into the cable, then stretch that cable along the wall—or any surface—to hang the lamp.

Formafantasma/Officine Mimesi via Dezeen

“WireRing is an exercise in reduction: stripped-back to its most essential components, the lamp delivers the most with the least,” the designers write. It comes in pink, gray, or white with aluminum or brass finishing.

[h/t Dezeen]