Coffee Table Recreates Pong in Real Life

Gerardo Orioli via Kickstarter
Gerardo Orioli via Kickstarter / Gerardo Orioli via Kickstarter

One year after revealing a real-life Pong table to the world, a group of inventors from Uruguay is ready to bring the design to consumers. As Engadget reports, the team is now seeking funding for their playable Pong coffee table on Kickstarter.

The objective of the game remains unchanged: protect your goal with your block while trying to bump the smaller block past your opponent. But instead of a joystick, users twist a dial built into the table to direct their motorized pieces.

During a round of Pong, players can charge their phone in the table’s USB ports or play music via their Bluetooth devices. You can also pay extra for a coin-operated mode if you’re looking to transform your living room into a home arcade.

The project, which has already surpassed its funding goal, is accepting pledges until April 13. Backers who donate $1100 can expect to receive their retro coffee table by this December.

[h/t engadget]