Glass-Bottomed "Sky Pool" in Houston Hangs 500 Feet Above Street Level

Market Square Tower
Market Square Tower / Market Square Tower

The infinity pool gracing the top of Market Square Tower in Houston, Texas is a great place for residents to unwind ... unless they’re afraid of heights, in which case the clear-bottomed pool jutting out from the top of the high-rise is anything but relaxing. The pool is situated 500 feet above the streets of downtown, and all swimmers need to do to soak in the views is look down.

As Travel + Leisure reports, the glass-bottomed pool became the highest in the state when it opened in October 2016. The “sky pool” starts on the rooftop and extends 10 feet beyond the edge of the 40-story building. The cantilevered floor is made of 8-inch thick plexiglass, so guests can trust the structure’s stability. That being said, experiencing at least some vertigo while swimming hundreds of feet in the air is to be expected.

Thrill-seekers looking to take a dip will need to make a commitment first. The pool is restricted to high-rise residents, with leases on one-bedroom apartments starting at $2100 a month. Rent also includes access to a traditional terrace pool for days when residents don’t feel like raising their adrenaline levels to go for a swim.

Market Square Tower

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