Celebrate Animal Cracker Day With These Grown-Up Snacks

Rebecca OConnell
Good Zebra / Rebecca O'Connell
Good Zebra / Rebecca O'Connell / Good Zebra / Rebecca O'Connell
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With their fun animal shapes and cardboard circus-themed boxes, animal crackers are a top-tier nostalgia snack. On National Animal Cracker Day (April 18), relive some of your tasty childhood memories with a box that's geared toward the adult palate. That's right: just like coloring books and juice boxes, there's now a brand of animal crackers for grown-ups.

Good Zebra is behind the much-needed upgrade to animal crackers. The circus animals have been converted into 11 animal shapes inspired by tattoo art. The otherwise bland crackers now come in vanilla, chai, or lemon, and offer a nice, slightly salty bite. Best of all, the crackers contain over 70 percent organic ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors, so you don't have to feel guilty about eating a whole bag.

The animal crackers are so popular, the four-packs have already sold out on Amazon. You can still snag a 12-pack of any flavor on Amazon or head to their website.