Need a Toothpick? Use a Narwhal Horn

Rebecca OConnell
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After a good meal, you might want to check to make sure there's nothing stuck in your teeth. Luckily, this generous narwhal is willing to give you its own horn to help you dislodge those stubborn pieces of food. Don't feel bad, the horn grows back: just shake this clever, porcelain toothpick holder and a new horn will appear in its place.

Called Polar Picks, the adorable toothpick holder is the perfect addition to any kitsch kitchen. We recommend pairing it with this equally charming narwhal tea infuser.

Somehow, the Polar Picks isn't even the first novelty toothpick holder we've covered. Last year, we wrote about this impressive Darth Vader device that wields toothpicks like a lightsaber.