Star Wars Fan Builds a Millennium Falcon-Inspired Theater for His Kids

Kirstin Fawcett
Wikipedia//Fair Use
Wikipedia//Fair Use / Wikipedia//Fair Use

Epic science fiction films are typically best enjoyed on the big screen, but as Nerdist reports, one creative dad’s design skills helped him transform an at-home tablet viewing of 2016’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story into an experience straight out of a galaxy far, far away.

Donovan—who goes by the alias “The Beardless Man” on YouTube—enjoys both the Star Wars franchise and woodworking. Following Rogue One’s home video release, he combined these two interests by building a mini-movie theater for his kids, modeled after the Millennium Falcon spaceship. The theater’s ceiling contains a handy, built-in frame to support a tablet, which allows viewers to enjoy their small-screen showing without being forced to hold the gadget aloft.

Learn how to make your own Millennium Falcon theater by watching Donovan’s video below.

[h/t Nerdist]