Color Your Way Through Air Pollution With a Climate Change Coloring Book


A new coloring book will help you understand just how much climate change is altering our world. The Climate Change Coloring Book contains 20 different coloring activities related to the causes and effects of climate change. Some are directly related, like coloring in the amount of Arctic ice that has been lost over the last two decades, while others are more metaphorical ways of understanding environmental change, such as a page that instructs you to color in 20 football fields in a minute, representing the speed and magnitude of forest destruction over the past 25 years.

Created by American Museum of Natural History data artist Brian Foo, the activities draw on data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA, the EPA, and other reputable sources.

As trendy as adult coloring books are, visualizing air pollution with colored pencils isn’t exactly a de-stressing activity. The books are designed for middle school ages and up, and they’re probably better suited to a classroom than to an adult coloring session. But if you want to color your way to climate change activism, who are we to stop you?

The books cost $15 on Kickstarter and are expected to ship in July. They are, of course, made with recycled paper.

[h/t FlowingData]

All images courtesy Brian Foo / Kickstarter