The One Surprising Ingredient for Making a Better Burger

Kate Horowitz
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Rejoice! After a bleak and drippy winter, the good feelings and mouthwatering aromas of grilling season are nearly upon us, which means that now is the time to perfect your recipes and technique. We recommend you start by bettering your burgers with one very strange addition: ice cubes.

Master Chef judge Graham Elliot knows a thing or two about grilling. He says the best burgers are simple, juicy, and flavorful, making the meat the star of the show. And while it may sound extreme, he suggests eschewing seasoning altogether.

"People always end up doing the same mixture for a burger as they do with meatloaf or a meatball, they put all the pepper and onion in it,” he told Fox News. “You don't want to do that. You want it to be just straight meat."

Straight meat on the rocks, that is: Elliot’s secret to keeping burgers juicy is to fold an ice cube right into the center of each one. "Make your patties, then put your little ice cube in there and then when you grill it, it keeps it moist and keeps it from getting dried out.”

You can get Elliot’s own burger recipe here.

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[h/t Delish]