Walmart Unveils the ‘Crotilla,' a Tortilla and Croissant Hybrid

Walmart / Walmart

Pastry fanatics lined up the block to get a taste of Dominque Ansel’s uber-trendy Cronut after its debut in 2013. Time will tell if customers will do the same for the latest pastry hybrid from Walmart: the "Crotilla," a mix between a tortilla and a croissant, which Delish reports hit 800 Walmart stores on April 17.

“We know customers, especially millennial customers, are hungry for new food trends and cool ways to experience food," Walmart Bakery’s senior buyer Bradlee Underwood said in a statement, "and we want to be a destination for that.”

If you’re confused about how to eat a combination of two foods that rarely appear on the same menu, Walmart has a few recommendations. “You can add Nutella and bananas for breakfast, or dress up a burger for lunch, or even make mini pizzas in the toaster oven for a fun dinner one night,” Underwood suggests.


Walmart isn’t the first brand to attempt to cash in on the pastry mashup trend. Since the Cronut, we’ve seen the Mufgel (muffin bagel), the Cherpumple (pie in a cake), and the Capookie (cake in a cookie in a pie). Based on the response to Crotilla so far, which has ranged from bewilderment to contempt, the product isn’t on its way to living up to the Cronut’s legacy.

[h/t Delish]