Day One Users Can Now Turn Their Digital Journals Into Books

Michele Debczak
Day One
Day One / Day One

Journaling has come full circle. After turning the hobby into a digital experience, the iOS app Day One is now bringing it back to the physical realm. As The Verge reports, U.S. users can now have their daily chronicles printed into full-color books.

Since 2011, Day One has allowed iPhone and Mac owners to record their data from the day in one convenient place. In the app, photos, weather, step count, location history, and traditional journal entries provide a snapshot of each day’s activities. Day One has been praised for its elegant design, and now users can get those same visuals in book form.

The Day One book features the same components as the digital journal, like maps, photos, and written entries. To keep a user's content private, the company promises to delete all digital files after sending them to the printing facility. Pricing starts at $15 for 50-page books and goes up to $50 for a 400-page tome. A hardcover costs $5 extra. For some journaling inspiration, check out examples of the product from Day One below.

[h/t The Verge]

All images courtesy of Day One.