Amazon's New Echo Will Snap Selfies and Dish Out Fashion Advice

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Amazon wants Alexa to be your new go-to fashion guru: As The Cut reports, the e-commerce giant has introduced an upgraded version of the Amazon Echo speaker, called Echo Look, which can take videos and photos to help you pick out your clothes. (So you can officially say goodbye to the mirror selfie.)

Just like its predecessor, the Echo Look reads the news, provides the weather forecast, and plays music—but now, it also comes with LED lights and a voice-controlled camera. You can ask Alexa to snap or film full-length shots of your look, and upload them to a companion app. The app helps you keep track of your many outfits, and allows you to view an ensemble from all angles (no more wondering how your butt looks in those jeans).

Stumped on what to wear? A new feature called “Style Check” chooses between two looks, comparing two photos using a mix of machine-learning algorithms and opinions from “fashion specialists.” Taking current trends into account, Style Check judges which clothing items are the best fit, color, and style for you. Whether it does a good job (and what its determinations do for your self esteem) remains to be seen. It reportedly gets “smarter” the more people use it—but if you still want a third (or fourth) opinion, the app can also share your ensemble on social media so your friends can weigh in.

Echo Look costs $200, and is currently available on an invite-only basis. There’s no word yet on when it will be officially released to the general public—so for the time being, you’ll have to continue trusting your roommate, partner, or peers when they say you can totally rock that hat.

Watch how Echo Look works below:

[h/t The Cut]

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