Okay, I'm declaring it Official Pirate Day
More Piratical pontificating
Yo-ho-hoes and a bottle of rum
Things could get ugly
Very special relativity
Science that matters
The importance of being Ernest
So much cooler than a calculator
I love to fly and it shows
You can't win it if you're not in it
Oh, come on
Stranger and stranger
Somebody call God, 'cause he's missing an angel!
Republicans < Palpatine < Jesus?
It all makes sense now
Your daily dose of deep thought...
Grab a grappa
Technology at your fingertips
Public health announcement
Pop stars to the rescue!
Walruses: apparently NSFW
Why I don't wish I were in Dixie
Viral meme all your friends already know about, #2
It ain't exactly Pollack, but...
Speech! Speech!
Measles and mumps and rubella, oh my!
A palm-reading will cost you extra
When the byline is more interesting than the article
For those whose favorite Roth is David Lee
Outsourcing the blog, #2
Outsourcing the blog, #1
Spam spam spam spam spam
Hall. Virginia Hall.
So easy you can do it in your sleep
Working like a dog
A Wilde way to go
More cowbell!
My goooooal: A day without a World Cup post on this blog
Joined at the hip. Really.
And I am the queen of Roumania
Even better than a Labradoodle
Also, I love that they talked about the weather
A rare moment of seriousness
Toniiiiiight, I celebrate my looooove for yoooooou
Get your ideas, fully baked!
Oh, Jesus, not another "letter from heaven"


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