'Gus-tatory pleasures, now in film form
Ernest Hemingway, Crazy Cat Man
I never sausage a sport
Forbidden Friday: Sloth
Forbidden Friday: Wrath
Forbidden Friday: Gluttony
Forbidden Friday: Envy
Forbidden Friday: Lust
Forbidden Friday: Greed
AJ says: Wiki humor
Forbidden Friday: Seven Deadly Sins to Enjoy before Sunday
A piece of Egyptian meteorite glass is forever
Quick, someone alert the Weekly World News!
What is that thing?
You can't take it with you, unless you're Chinese
Your daily ice cream scoop
I think I'll switch to Junior Mints from now on
GPS? We don't need no stingin' GPS.
For the very discerning traveler
The New (and improved) Yorker piece on Wikipedia
Happy birthday, George Clinton!
Say cheese!
Rats! (or the curious lack thereof in Alberta, Canada)
Why is the sky blue?
Science: it's what's for dinner!
I scream, Mangesh screams
Fish catches man
When particles collide
Soon to be a hot vacation spot: the island of Eritrethiopia
It's hard out there for a fish
Hey! Who you callin' a Neanderthal?
No, we will not be making the obvious joke
Sound like a genius (albeit a slightly geeky one)
Newsflash! Too much Foster's makes you clumsy, hungover
Idea request: About that origins book...
Quiz show
Next: everyone gets a seat at the cool kids' table
If Cute Overload isn't your thing...
This is your mouse on drugs
Ice, ice, baby
Have a nice day!
He's been walkin' the streets at night, just tryin' to get it right
Armchair Field Trip: Ogunquit, Maine
Extra, extra
Video of "celebrities:" It's genius!
They're blue, da ba dee, da ba die
Is this dress brown, or is it green?
You can't keep a good man down
There's a reason his name is one letter away from "Gigli"


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