Blog of Glory
Consequences of a less than punctual life
Impromtu jury duty
Elsewhere in ghost towns: Kolmanskop
Ships, cats, et al. in bottles
Workplace bullies
Party in the fuselage! This one's on the Contras...
The allure of cities with numbers in their names
What is a dandy?
Hunting with Dad
Orphaned cats and their perplexing toys
When Hollywood actually does call...
Motor skills as mental lubricant?
Weight issues
Lights, camera...painful auditions
Top headlines in your hometown
Polite children & suffering in the name of politeness
More sign fun, and some Do Not Disturb variations
Edison's pachydermal AC/DC stunt
Famous Bromances of Science
Sorting Through the Words and Terms of '07
Magicians as victims
School for Santas
Bacteria, please save our planet
Voice mail greetings: chipper, brusque, or designer?
Starbase Dental, or: when your doctor's office has a theme
Job Search Nadirs
When canines are private investigators, or just pretend they are
The various costs of losing bets
Children and money
Children and consciousness
5 Crazy Reality Show Ideas Circulating on the Internet
The door-to-door life
On chains, and some weather hijinks
Writers raising wild baby animals
A little Monday press release fun
RIP Evel Knievel
Books set in your city
The fine line between plugging and commemorating
Sardines: the food of choice for a cross-country trekker
The festivity of imbuing discarded DNA
The habits of gratitude
Peanut butter month all over again, and some thoughts on food love affairs
When your heart's not broken, just inverse
Accent archive fun
Making an imprint
Wrapping up modernization, stamping out expectorating
Absinthe comes to America: Welcome, old friend
Raelity check
Don't Forget the Lyrics...And definitely not last night's winner, Patricia Canale


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