Kara Kovalchik

Writes about: Big Questions , tv , tvholic
Kara Kovalchik was born in Detroit and currently lives in the leafy suburb of Birmingham, MI, where she and her husband Sandy Wood spend their days ferreting out fun, fascinating trivial facts for mental_floss, Reader’s Digest, CNN Headline News, and a series of books (to name but a few of their projects). After more than 20 years of blissful togetherness, Sandy has learned to tolerate and even indulge Kara’s love of '70s music, classic TV sitcoms, kitschy collectibles, The Walking Dead, Lifetime movies, Mystery Science Theater 3000, sparkly silver spoon rings, true crime stories, and her “unequalled ability to be fascinated by absolutely nothing.” She enjoys hearing from readers, even the “I’m an 11-year-old boy named Kenny and my teacher made me write this” messages. (What she’s waiting for is an email that says “I’m a 45-year-old man named Norman Reedus and this fire in my loins made me write…”)
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