Andréa Fernandes

Andréa Fernandes earned her bachelor's degree from a small, Hogwarts-esque Philadelphia college. Because of her fascination with magazines great and small, she designed her own major, Publication & Culture, and enjoyed making all the executive decisions. She's lived in 6 states, traveled to 6 foreign countries, and attended courses at 4 different colleges. Her past jobs have found her dressing up in Renaissance garb, reading books and spilling coffees, counseling tween girls, and surfing the 'net. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping (and tweeting about it) and reading (and obsessively keeping track of her books).
Innovator, Inventor, and Painter: Jan van der Heyden
The Late Movies: Collegiate A Cappella
It's a Girl!
Desert Monet: Emily Kngwarreye
The Last Survivor of the Late Pre-Raphaelites: Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale
Feel Art Again Returns: Henryk Siemiradzki
19 Outstanding Outdoor Ads
10 Issue Supplement: The Glorious Works of 10 Outsider Artists
Holy of Holies: The Tribuna of the Uffizi
Creating Magic: Johann Zoffany
Creating Melodramas in Silhouettes: Kara Walker
Drawing in Sand: Kseniya Simonova
Painting in Gold: Gustav Klimt
10 Reasons Why the Quidditch World Cup is the Best College Sporting Event
Scandalous Academician: Mary Moser
Illustrating Childhood: Maurice Sendak
The American Dream: Ernie Barnes
6,600 Miles Away: Bahraini Artists
Rodin's Hands: Anna Golubkina
United in Life & Art: Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova
Artist, Composer, Lawyer: Vasily Polenov
Enter the Chamber of Horrors: Madame Tussaud
Women of the Venetian Renaissance
Feel Art Again: Surprise!
A Still Life In Her Own Style: Frances Hodgkins
Feel Art Again: New & Improved! (Well, Not New. But Improved!)
Bride of the Wind: Leonora Carrington
Power to the People: John August Swanson
The Sane Kenyan: Sane Wadu
The Korean New Yorker: Do-Ho Suh
The Grandmother of Canadian Native Art: Daphne Odjig
An Issei Woman Artist: Hisako Hibi
A Spanish Parisian in Mexico: Remedios Varo
The "Enfant Terrible" of Austria: Egon Schiele
The Russian-Born South African: Vladimir Tretchikoff
The Father of Modern Indian Art: Raja Ravi Varma
Feel Art Again Archive
The Picasso of Africa: George Lilanga
The Greatest Artist Brazil Has Ever Produced: Candido Portinari
Calling all artophiles!
Grand Old Man of Philippine Art: Fernando Amorsolo
Get Your Gotch
Sato on Sunday
Most Expensive Living Artist: Jasper Johns
Art-World Prodigy: Honoré Sharrer
"Art has given me my life": Frank Stella
$50 Challenge Winner!
Drawing on Cars: Scott Wade
$50 Challenge: May/June
Sargent's Successor: Philip Alexius de László


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