Andréa Fernandes

Andréa Fernandes earned her bachelor's degree from a small, Hogwarts-esque Philadelphia college. Because of her fascination with magazines great and small, she designed her own major, Publication & Culture, and enjoyed making all the executive decisions. She's lived in 6 states, traveled to 6 foreign countries, and attended courses at 4 different colleges. Her past jobs have found her dressing up in Renaissance garb, reading books and spilling coffees, counseling tween girls, and surfing the 'net. In her spare time, she enjoys shopping (and tweeting about it) and reading (and obsessively keeping track of her books).
Dreaming of Peace: Diego Rivera
The Bloke Who Does Blotches and Scribbles: Cy Twombly
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Strolling Beneath the Leaves of Strawberry Plants: László Mednyánszky
Master Marketer: Thomas Chambers
"Sculpture is a heroic art" - Anish Kapoor
The King of Hearts: Ford Madox Brown
The European American: John Singer Sargent
Easter Procession: Illarion Pryanishnikov
Destined for Greatness: Konstantin Yuon
Jim Henson's Apprentice: Ron Mueck
The Orientalist: Jean-Francois Portaels
The Purest Surrealist: Max Ernst
Most Popular: M.C. Escher
One of the Nazarenes: Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld
Living On Through Their Art
The Poet-Artists
The 5pm Quiz: Bob Ross
The Capital's Court Painter: Greta Kempton
Sir Frederic William Burton: The Accidental Lefty
The Honey-Voiced Announcer: Bill Reid
Going Down in History: Lois Mailou Jones
Titanic Hero: Colin Campbell Cooper, Jr.
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$50 Challenge: March/April
Only Seventeen: Nadya Rusheva
The Artist as Model: Alfred Rich for William Orpen
The Cattle Painter: Theodor Philipsen
Some Strange Guy: Steve McCurry
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The Group of Seven
Père Corot
Photographing Rocks While The World Was Falling Apart: Ansel Adams
The Trendsetter: Tsuguharu Foujita
Made in Heaven: Jeff Koons
Iconic America: Grant Wood
The True Master: Johan Jongkind
The Dada of Us All: Man Ray
The Hermit of Holland Park: Lucian Freud
The Man Who Ran Away With The Circus: John Steuart Curry
Boogie Woogie Piet
Alice Neel Exposed
Four Artists Around the World
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$50 Challenge
Getting Close to Chuck
Upcoming: $50 Challenge!
Goldberg Contest Winner
Two on the Twenty-Second
Catching the Heart of America: Andrew Wyeth


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