Amazon's New Fire Tablet Boasts Up to 10 Hours of Battery Life—And It’s Available for Pre-Order Starting at $60

Instead of squinting to watch movies and TV shows on your smartphone, use a tablet.
Instead of squinting to watch movies and TV shows on your smartphone, use a tablet. / Amazon
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Tablets are a great compromise for those who want something more portable than a laptop but with a bigger display than a smartphone. You can use them to watch your favorite shows, browse social media, and monitor your smart home devices, all at the same time. Yet all those great features can come with a not-so-great price tag, as evidenced by Apple's latest iPad Air, which clocks in at around $600. Luckily, Amazon has been in the budget-friendly tablet business for a while now with its line of Fire devices. If you're looking for the perfect entry point, the company's latest model, which starts at $60, might be your best option.

Now available for pre-order, the new Amazon Fire 7 tablet offers an affordable, portable option that doesn’t skimp on features. Compared to the previous Fire 7 (9th generation), this latest iteration gives users extended battery life and improved internal processing. This 12th-generation model is available with or without lockscreen ads and comes in 16 GB and 32 GB versions, but you can add up to 1 TB of extra storage with a microSD card. In addition, it comes in three color choices: black, denim, and rose (the cases are sold separately). The tech company has also released an Amazon Fire 7 Kids tablet for $110, which is available for pre-order.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet propped up on a bed with terracotta sheets
Amazon Fire 7 Tablet / Amazon

The most significant upgrade that this tablet has over its predecessor is that the battery can last for up to 10 hours on a single charge. That's a 40 percent increase between generations, according to the company. In addition, if you want a tablet that can respond faster, this one has an upgraded internal processing system that will give you more of what you want in no time. Compared to the previous version, this latest option works 30 percent faster, so there won't be any playback lag or delay when you want to join an online game or watch a video.

Lastly, Amazon has swapped out the Micro USB port for the more common USB-C port. Though small, this improvement will make it more convenient to charge the tablet with the cables you already use for other devices.

Like the other Fire models, this one has front and rear cameras with video recording abilities. You’ll even find familiar favorites like Alexa capabilities and a plethora of social media apps, popular streaming platforms, audiobooks, and games ready for you. This tablet’s screen display is at least an inch smaller than the Amazon Fire 8, but that decrease also means the new option weighs less, so that might actually be a selling point for some.

Head over to Amazon to pre-order your Amazon Fire 7 tablet starting at $60 before it’s released on June 29.