Explore Your Past With AncestryDNA Testing Kits That Are Now up to $50 Off

AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test
AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test / Ancestry.com/Amazon
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In 2020, Consumer Reports found in a survey that about one in every five Americans had used a direct-to-consumer (DTC) DNA testing kit. However, if you’re among those who haven't tried a DNA testing kit, now might be the perfect time, as you can save a bundle on one of the best-known options on the market.

Currently on Amazon, AncestryDNA, one of the leading DNA testing kit companies, is offering huge discounts. You can now save $40 on the brand’s Genetic Ethnicity kit, and save $50 on its Genetic Ethnicity + Traits kit. If you want to learn even more about your roots, you can get the Genetic Ethnicity kit that comes with a three-month membership to Ancestry World Explorer and save $50 on that option as well.

The contents of an AncestryDNA kit from Ancestry.com.
AncestryDNA testing kit contents / Ancestry.com

Each of these kits requires you to send a saliva sample to a lab for testing, giving you results in about six to eight weeks. However, the kits offer different insights and access to historical records, family trees, and more, depending on the one you pick. The most basic option is the Genetic Ethnicity kit, now $40 off at $59. This includes everything you need to get percentage estimates of your ethnicity from across more than 1500 regions (and counting), as well as a historical timeline of your ancestors’ movements. In addition, you can discover DNA matches with people and use the ThruLines feature to link your family tree with your test results to learn more about your background. The StoryScout feature lets you uncover documents such as birth, marriage, death certificates, and passports to help offer new insights into your family's past.

The next option is the Genetic Ethnicity + Traits kit, now $50 off for $69, which offers all the same things as the basic kit, but with more features. For example, you'll gain insights into more than 35 traits, such as food sensitivities, iris patterns, and more, that researchers can determine based on your genetic makeup. You’ll even be able to compare these traits with your family and other people worldwide, making this an excellent option for people interested in genetics.

Lastly, the Genetic Ethnicity kit with a three-month membership to Ancestry World Explorer is also $50 off and available for $99 instead of its usual $149 list price. This kit has all the same features as the first kit, but it doesn’t include the Traits kit. However, what sets it apart is the Ancestry World Explorer membership. You’ll have access to all the records and public family trees on Ancestry.com, plus be able to connect directly on the site with other members. You'll also get notifications of potential relative matches through the Ancestry Hints function. This option is perfect for history buffs who want to really dive deep into the archives of their respective family trees.

Start your journey into the past by heading to Amazon to check out AncestryDNA’s testing kits that are now on sale.